A Copenhagen Life


We are just another company founded in the capitol of Denmark. A city with a strong entrepreneurial vibe and Scandinavian mentality towards business. Rather laid back, neat and well dressed. Fashion is a big word in Copenhagen. The shopping streets appear economically healthy with its independent fashion stores next to only a few big chains. People here really value quality in fashion that mostly defines itself in timeless purism and classy „sportism“. Danes can combine sneakers in such an elegant way with youngsters pushing styles that you would have thought forgotten. It is a pretty world, it seems flawless, protected, healthy and homogeneous…at least by day. The nightlife as in every other city has its own atmosphere and lacks a bit inspiration compared to our favorites abroad. Experts in design, aesthetically fashioned, and culinary world class apparently does not encourage any club life in the city. Crowds that often dance to predictable pop classics, they like to sing-along or prefer „hygge“ (= a danish word for “cosiness“). The top-twenty of Hip Hop and R&B is much appreciated all around the city and played literally every weekend. DJ’s rather bet on the expected than innovate. Apart from the mainly expansive cheap chic venues within the central streets of the city, there are also some young crews that eagerly shape the underground. Christiania apparently isn’t the same compared to the old days, yet we love the fact that the city keeps its alternative heart. With one of the world’s famous female welding workshops, lots of music, creativity and pot shops, this area holds up its philosophy since the early 70’. For us it is just another facet of this partly ambivalent scenery. It is questionable that Copenhagen has the best restaurants in the world, grocery stores however appear rather standardized mostly without fresh meat/fish counters and extensive plastic packaging despite the fact that Denmark emphasizes ecological sustainability. Copenhagen is a city by the sea without a proper fish market, yet there are voices that promote the so called Nordic Cuisine movement, a term cultivated by the well known danish restaurant Noma. All these words are of course subjective and from an international point of view, we like to be in this European city and we hope it shares the same open international mind set then we do!

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