How would you describe a market? Does a street food market equal what we understand as market place? Do you like to find these warehouses of consumption or would you change its function? What is a market? Is it a place to eat and drink or rather a gathering of farmers? Multicultural or rather local? Would you expect vendors that come from outside of the city, who weekly commute to provide you with vital groceries to take home for private cooking sessions or is the market the place where you satisfy your hunger straight away? How are markets different from nation to nation? Do you bargain or accept prices that decrease with bulk buys? You really look for this glass of Aperol after work or you would like to try the herbal juice, you could drink or just use as dressing for your salad? Olive oil is another thing, can you buy processed goods on markets or just fresh stuff from mother nature? Don’t you miss these trading places, filled with ordinary people, selling and buying goods from around the region? Can you imagine the market as enchanted mingling of true characters as it is depicted in fantastic medieval movies? Can you give us your impressions on this?

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