Music is universal

st agens

Over the time we found it curious how different people think and assess religion. It spreads around the world, it tells stories of moral and ways of living. Faith consists of its parish, its buildings and values, it is usually a big part of a culture and it shapes consciously or more subtle our coexistence. Such every individual and mentality is different, religious exposures are perceived distinctivly. We think it is wonderful how artful sacred architecture can be. It is a multi sensual experience traveling through moslem countries listening to the words of the muezzin or visiting the Vatican and its sheltered gardens in Rome. European churches are often very splendid, especially the catholic ones. Big archaic buildings, often empty spaces too holy for multifunctional use. The further you come up north the more protestants you would find. Houses of God become more modern and pragmatic with this comes new functions in use. A good example is the St. Agnes church in Berlin-Kreuzberg. A brutalist church build by Werner Düttmann in 1967. It is a untypical layout with its thick concrete walls and cubistic forms. Since 2004 all religious activities stopped and Johann König, well known gallery owner, took over and used the unique place as cultural playground for art and performances. Currently you could join yoga courses next to contemporary art exhibitions. Big festivals like c/o Pop in Cologne are transforming churches like the one of St. Michael into a concert hall and Copenhagen is expanding religious services towards cultural gatherings since a long time. „God goes Deep“ is one of those special events happening at Vor Frue Kirke in the inner city of the danish capitol. Ambient dj live sets free of charge, open for everyone. The concept is ideal and clear: decontextualize the use of a beautiful old christian church, a wide space with very special acoustic qualities, and let people across cultures come together jointly appreciating music – an art form that is universal. We would like to develop this idea a bit further. Being very open about music genres and its roots why can’t we use these spaces to integrate various cultures in showcasing their traditional music to the public. Easily you create a multicultural juxtaposition of people that should connect way more often in order to withhold all those ridiculous resentiments people desperately care about these days.

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